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  • How can I purchase data from you?  

  • How can I fund my wallet? 

  • Can I share the data I buy from you with another line?

  • How can I be your agent?

  • Can I send airtime to you for data bundle?

  • Are your data plans legit? 

  • Hope the data won't get exhausted quickly or disappear?

  • How am I sure you guys are not scammers?

  • What are the other products/services you offer?

  • What if my order was cancelled but my wallet was not refunded?

  • What if my order has been approved, but not yet received?

  • Can I communicate with you in case I have any enquiry? 

  • Is this data plan compatible with all devices?

  • What's your working period?

  • how to Convert airtime ?

  • How to buy data?

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